Personal Project

This was a solo project that I worked on during my last semester at school.I made a level for a  third person ,hack and slash /Medieval game using the Unity Game Engine. I also did all the scripting.

The ingredients I've used were  enemies,the boss and potions.The player progression was linear,which means that there are a few enemies outside of the walls but after when the player enters in the village there are many enemies outside of the barracks patrolling the area. I've placed some potions around the area ,so if the player wants to explore before passing the central square of the village,he/she collect a potion before the intense fight.Since it's genre is hack and slash ,it means that there have to be many enemies and constant fights, but smashing buttons all day long is not that fun and it's exhausting ,so I had to create areas for the player to rest (ex.Mountain area.)

I placed a house on the top of the hill to show the player where he/she to go.I used the technique twice as the player goes up to the mountain ,the player will see the beautiful view of the cathedral ,where the final boss will be.

The assets I used are all from the Unity Asset Store.
Credits to the 3D artist 3DFORGE.

Team Project

   Team project of 15 participants.In this project my role was Level Designer,Game designer and I also did the scripting.It was very challenging for me because I had no idea about puzzle games .Each Level Designer had to choose an Egyptian God and create a level .I did a research on Anubis,the God of the underworld,so my levels' theme was dark and scary.

I made a simple fun puzzle where the player to proceed to the next level ,has to light up all the 5 sides of the pyramid .

  There are 4 pressure plates on the ground ,each one with different hieroglyphs on them.Each hieroglyph  is connected with one side of the pyramid.I placed the  first hieroglyph in the entrance of the level so I make sure the first hieroglyph on the pyramid will light up.The player will understand that the two ingredients  have a connection and would try to solve the puzzle.The answer is under the statue of Anubis ,showing the correct order that the player needs to step on the tiles.I placed 4 hieroglyphs on the ground around the pyramid ,but there is one missing.The player's objective is to find the last hieroglyph,and make sure that understands the order so he/she can unlock the  door to advance to the next room .


  There is also a giant rock in the next room.I used this ingredient to simulate danger even though the player is never in danger.In the pyramids there are traps and the giant boulder was one of them.

  Credits to all the artists from my team ,for the amazing models they made.

It was fun working as a team !

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