Hello!My name is  Panagiotis Apostolakis...

I graduated from Inter-Dec College and I am looking to start my career as a Level Designer.I am 22 years old born and raised in Athens,Greece but I moved in Montreal when I was  15 years old.

My passion about video games  started since I was a kid  when my parents bought me my first console a PlayStation 1. I was always in love with art ,video games , poetry , music and animations so I went to Inter-Dec College to study Video Game Development .During the program I got in love with the Level Designing part .When I was a kid I used to create levels in the game editors provided from some games like Timesplitters 2 or Age of Mythology but I had no idea what I was doing .

I find Level Design very interesting because there is a whole science behind it .Its a big challenge to create the perfect level which is challenging and rewarding for a player. I am willing to always do my best and construct levels that are going to be challenging and fun for  my players.

Thats my Objective as a Level Designer!

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